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The spirit of the French secession


Zurkov’s house

“In 1993 we were asked to reconstruct and reorganize the garden of a residential building, located on the “Republikanska” str.”, recounts the architect Georgi Donchev. The main goal is to restore the original glamour of a wonderful house that took a lot of damage during the last 40 years.

This building is one of the apotheoses of the magnificent architectural ensembles, located on the former “L. Dimitrova” street. They were built after the Liberation of Bulgaria, in the period between 1878 and 1920.

The Zurkov’s house flanks the south-east side of the “Republikanska” street which flows from the city center to the Central beach main entrance. The house was build and used by the French and Belgian specialists, sent here to construct the Port of Burgas in 1900. Later on it was bought by the pharmacist Iliya Zurkov. It has two floors and spectacular mansard. It was furnished in the rococo style. Unfortunately most of the furnishing is long gone by now. The doors and windowpanes have deep plastic finish. All of the furniture is imported from France, marble and other stone elements come from Greece. The wooden materials were imported from Slovenia. /These historical facts were provided by the late architect Sirkarov. The house is
an architectural and historical monument./

The exterior architectural layout is designed in the spirit of the French “Art-nouveau” current or the style secession.
The transection, details and shape of the façade have a Renaissance sound. The Renaissance lines give the exterior a sound image. Ground floor windows have semi-circular key-stone frames and the upper floor windows are finished with a soft upper arch and cornice. The quiet main entrance, arched with rich details, also deserves attention. The characteristic feature of the ground floor is rustication /wide and thin lines of the walls/. The upper floors are finished with a figural Flemish brick.

The balcony has hemstitched metal railing and consoles. The scaly tin roof lining gives the finishing detail to the extraordinary image and effect of the French secession. The brick raster has also been restored. The fine façade details were restored, without damaging the construction, using the original color scheme. The roof lining has been changed. While reconstructing the roof, we found an interesting rain draining system. A system of draining pipes has been uniquely integrated into the walls to divert the rainwater in an underground concrete tank, located under the yard level. This system, typical for the France and the secession, has been first used in Burgas in the construction of this house, probably given the fact that at the beginning of the XX century the city center didn’t have sewerage. The water, stored in the underground tank, was comparatively clean and it was used around the house. Unfortunately, during the roof remodeling this system was not restored, mainly because its technique is not widely known to contemporary builders.




“Promenade” is an elegant and charming hotel, situated at the center of Burgas city, near the Central beach and the Sea garden. It possesses the old marine town flair, combined with the best contemporary facilities and unbelievable luxury.

It is perfectly located, close to the main city streets, shops, restaurants, cafés, galleries, the Summer open theatre, the railway station, bus stops, the port and the famous Burgas pier.

Your stay will be unforgettable! You’ll be greeted by the hotel staff not like tourists, but like dear guests.