One of the sign and unforgettable buildings in Burgas is the Sea casino, situated at the central alley of the Sea garden. The idea for its construction dates back to 1936, when a contest was announced for a Sea garden casino project. The order of the then mayor of the town Atanas Sirekov – one of the best governors of Burgas, caused quite the stir. 17 projects ended up competing. The chosen one was “333” by the architect Victoria Angelova. Constructional design and execution are a true miracle at the time because of the terrain intricacy and inclination. The location is not random – it looks over the whole Burgas bay and the building itself can be seen from the ships in the sea and the pier below.
The official opening of the key Burgas building was held on august 7th 1938 and was attended by many local citizens and guests from all over the country, including ministers, parliament members and other officials. With the exclusive permission or the transport minister, the citizens who wanted to witness the opening could travel to Burgas via train with a 70% discount on the ticket price. The monumental event lasted a week and was captured by several cinematographic and photo cameras. Shortly after the opening, the Sea casino became a favorite entertainment place for the locals and out-of-towners.
In 2011, after 20 years of being closed due to the bad shape of the building and lack of financial support, the Sea casino was restored and opened again as a cultural center. Later the same year, the restored Sea casino received the prestigious “Building of the year” award.
The up-to-date equipped conference rooms and the open spaces accommodate concerts, theatric spectacles, film-shows, expositions, book parties, art workshops, training courses, festivals etc. The romantic view over the sea makes the Sea casino one of the preferred spots for wedding rituals.
The building has several open decks, where the highest one is equipped with binoculars and telescopes for a better view of the sea bay.